Why Did I Want To Do This?

"I want to learn how I can better recognize my own intuition, trust it and act upon it"

"I am hoping to gain insight into why I do the things I do and why do certain patterns keep repeating themselves."

"I am so curious and open to hear what you have to say."

Well? How Did it Go?

"The assessment opened my eyes and I have been more aware of my emotions and thoughts in a healthier way."

"I am 100% noticing and paying attention to what the assessment covered overall!"

"I find that after reading the assessment, I am now (for the first time in my life) putting myself first, sitting comfortably with the company of myself, and making healthier choices on a number of fronts."

"I was supposed to think of something happy and loving and I burst into tears.  There was a sadness in me that I didn't even know I had."

How Will You Use this Information Going Forward?

"I reviewed the assessment several times and I shared it with my parents. It helped facilitate a discussion about bottled up childhood feelings."

"I will be returning to this document often.  I have noticed a change in my energy levels and my feelings of joy and wellness are climbing!"

"I thought I was never going to feel well again after experiencing depression and burnout. Sharing your intuitive assessment with me has triggered my awareness and my desire to grow."