Medical Intuition Assessments

Medical Intuitive Assessment $149.00

This is a medical intuition report that will cover an assessment of the energetic body.  Areas focused on in the report include energy balance, energy and emotional blocks, 7 chakras evaluation and recommendations to assist you on your path to well-being. 

This assessment allows for a one hour telephone conversation to assist in understanding and further explore the contents of the report. This phone call must take place within one month of receiving the completed assessment.

Chakra Energy Reading---NEW $50.00

There are seven primary energy centres in our body called Chakras. When there is blocked energy flow in these centres, a person may experience emotional/physical discomfort, illness/disease and feelings of being stuck.  This written report will help you  identify your blocked energy patterns and will make suggestions on how to move the energy freely. Follow up available to review report.

Intuitive Consultation/Support

This support is available to those who wish to connect and explore options regarding life direction, patterns and 


This level of support is also available if you have purchased a Medical Intuitive Assessment and would like an opportunity to touch base or reconnect at a later date. This support can be made available via Skype, FaceTime or Telephone.  $50 /hour

NEW-Energy Cleanse

In Person (Port Moody, BC) or  Distance-if you discover congested energy or cannot seem to get yourself 'unstuck' from certain life patterns-healing assistance can be a great tool to assist you in getting your energy moving.